lekë tasi, 86

Lekë Tasi is a writer, painter, and retired concert cellist living in Tirana. Since 1990, painting has been his primary artistic endeavor. In summer 2015, he took part in a solo exhibition titled Satire in "Skanderbeg" Square, at the National Gallery of Art in Tirana.

His family members, beginning with his father, Koço Tasi, and uncle, Akile Tasi, were persecuted and jailed for being non-conformists to the regime. In 1975, Tasi’s family, including his wife and children, his mother, his sister, and his younger brother’s family, was relocated to a two-room hut in Grabian, a small agricultural village in Lushnje District. There they lived and labored in the agricultural sector until 1990. In his memoir, Grabian On the Hills, 2009, Tasi reflects on the reality of living in exile.